FOLIO is an open-source Library Services Platform (LSP). The platform supports core functionality for the management of print and electronic resources. Built natively for the cloud, FOLIO uses a modern microservices architecture to allow a choice of applications. In this manner, FOLIO moves beyond the traditional library system, allowing anyone to freely build on the platform’s core functionality or to extend it through the development of applications that deliver new services.

Supporting partners and contributors

FOLIO is 100% driven by and open to the community. As a true open source project, any library or library consortia can choose to host and operate FOLIO locally. The software is free to any library.

If you do want to take advantage of commercial hosting or support services, there are many opportunities to engage with vendors in the FOLIO community. Services include: implementation, hosting, service, and support and training. See a list of vendors who currently offer implementation, hosting and support services for FOLIO:

Note that some consortia also offer FOLIO support for member libraries.

Last modified February 26, 2021